Here they fought!

from 5 July 2019 to 29 September 2019

Here they fought! 1914 – 1918

On the First World War Trails

From Alps to Carpathians

Photographic Exhibition


Trento, Italy | Le Gallerie

Climbing those harsh rocks, you can feel like facing a forgotten world, where you can hear only the wind together with the solitary caw of some bird of prey. Yet, step after step, the soil starts to show indelible scars, abandoned trenches, destroyed bunkers and rent mountain’s crests. The sorrow that was lived here is still clearly visible, pieces of shoes, bomb splinters, shrapnel, cartridges and, here and there sometime, silent and white, you can see appearing and laying, between the edelweiss, the bones of some unknown fallen soldier. You are shocked by the soil harshness and, also in the most remote and inaccessible crests, you can see the passage of the fighting.

Behind each of those signs there were men that lived that tragic experience, an experience far away from us, inhuman, that cannot be forgotten. Those men, on different battlefronts, found themselves fighting in the middle of their youth one against the other. Those men were our great-grandfathers, Italians, Frenchs, Austrians, English, Germans, Slovenians, Hungarians and many others and the memory of their pain cannot get lost.

The sorrow that they had to face, the pain of the families, the trauma that First World War was, have to be a warning. These inhospitable places are a concrete and alive experience for those who dare to pass there; they are alive history that gets out from the sterile words that we can find in our history books.

This photographic exhibition, with its 100 shots in black and white (the number of shown photos depends on the exhibition showroom), is the result of a multi-year work, it is intended to accompany the visitor towards those narrow and cold places. A first exhibition route crosses the Alps from Slovenia to Italy, passing through Austria, where one of the most inhumane wars was fought. A war that brought the soldiers fighting over 3,000 meters of height. A second exhibition path accompanies the visitor to the far and forgotten Carpathians Mountains where fierce battles were fought at 40 degrees below zero in what was the Eastern Front. A vast territory today between Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

The exhibition wants to be a way to a better understanding of the price and the consequences of divisions and conflicts. It wants to be a hymn to peace and Europe. The latter was born on the ashes of two world wars with a precise aim: not to repeat! It wants to be a tribute to all the soldiers that fought on every front losing love and life.

The exhibition is dedicated to my great-grandfathers, their brothers and uncles, many of them left and never came back.

In the picture the silver medal of honour of my gran-grandfather hold into the hands of my grandmother, over a hundred years old, whose only memory about her father is she clinging to her father’s military booth the day he left home never coming back.


  • The entire photographic work, edited with the prestigious publisher Ulrico Hoepli S.p.A., is available on the market since October 2017. The book provides a time line of the Great War together with an historical introduction rich of anecdotes and historical curiosities. It contains the entire photographic portfolio. The last chapter gives to the readers the useful information to track back the former battlefields. The publisher’s webpage is available at the following link. The book is only in Italian and available on Amazon. More details are available on my site at this webpage.

  • Numbers:


    18th Exhibitions


    5 EU Countries


    Milan, Genoa, Tallinn, Lyon, Krakow and many other places!




    Milan, Italy | Palazzo Moriggia, Risorgimento Museum | 4th September – 22nd  November 2015;


    Camogli, Italy | Town Hall | 19th February – 2nd April 2016;


    Acqui Terme, Italy | Palazzo Chiabrera | 30th April – 15th May 2016;


    Cervia, Italy | Ex Salt Warehouse | 11th – 26th June 2016;


    Conselice, Italy | ArtShowroom ArteIncontro | 14th – 30th July 2016;


    Kobarid, Slovenia | Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju | 9th September – 30th October 2016;


    Zibido San Giacomo, Italy | MU.SA. | 1st April – 7th May 2017;


    Tallinn, Estonia | Fotomuuseum | 5th May – 11th June 2017;


    Pivka, Slovenia | Park of Military History | 12th July – 22nd October;


    Genoa, Italy | Commenda di Pré | 14th November 2017 – 2nd January 2018;


    Milan, Italy | International Bookstore Hoepli | 23rd November 2017 – 22nd April 2018;


    Milan, Italy | International Bookstore Hoepli | 13th August – 15th September 2018;


    Casale sul Sile, Italy | Villa Bembo | 6th – 14th October 2018;


    Camogli, Italy | Town Hall | 2nd – 17th November 2018;


    Lyon, France | 6e Arrondissement | 12th – 16th November 2018;


    Milan, Italy | Biblioteca Gallaratese | 29th March – 12th April 2019;


  • European Commission, Representations in Italy, Slovenia, Estonia;


    Government Entity for the hundredth’s celebrations 2014/2018;


    Italian Mountain Club;


    Italian Mountain Soldier Military Association (A.N.A.);


    Historical Society on the White War;


    Erasmus Student Network – Italy;


    Slovenian Tourist Board;


    Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju;


    The International Propeller Club – Port of Milan;













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