The “eggs” for sale and the via ferrata Dibona more far away.

The “eggs” for sale and the via ferrata Dibona more far away.

Eggs for sale, yes but which eggs? I’m not talking about the Kinder’s chocolate eggs, nor about the recent Easter’s eggs.

On the high peaks of the Dolomites there is an historical cable car, the Valgranda – Forcella Staunies, that was used to transport people directly at the mountain hut Rif. Lorenzi at 3000 meters of altitude. A vintage cable car with a special design typical of the sixties.

With no effort it was possible to reach the 3000 meters giving relief to the alpinists willing to climb the harshest peaks or simply allowing the tourist to overnight at the mountain hut enjoying the incredible views.

We know, technology evolves, probably the manias of the safety society could not tolerate anymore an old machine, but still working properly, with a cable car with the shape of a egg with an handle that could have been opened any time during the ascent or descent.

After years of postponement, 2016 was the very last one and the cable car was definitely closed for “administrative and technical problems” being useless the effort of the running company to keep it open.

Once closed the cable car the same end stroke the mountain hut.

The ones willing to buy one of this “eggs” can do it for 500 € to remember the historical cable car opened during the winter Olympic games of 1956.

I was lucky to breathe that vintage air without that many super technologies of nowadays and to admire that amazing panorama before the cable car was closed.

More info at: il Gazzettino; Corriere delle Alpi.

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