Tallinn, here we are!

Tallinn, here we are!

Tallinn, here we are with “here they fought! On the Great War trail”, a long and complex project made of sacrifices and huge efforts but also made of many great satisfactions.

It has been a long time since that day I had the bones of a Great War Soldier in my hands while I was on a forgotten mountain in the Alps. Today I am pleased to say that, being at the eighth exhibition, I’m effectively contributing to the memory of those places and that Soldiers that lived the tragedy to lose their lives and their affections fighting for their Country.

Stories of a European Continent still divided before the European Union came to put an end to the fratricidal wars.

Tomorrow the exhibition will be opened at the most northern point ever: Tallinn, at the Museum of Photography, in the old town in what were the medieval prisons of the City. At the presence of the Ambassadors of Italy and Austria, the inauguration will start with a brief introduction made by Dr. Hanno Ojalo, Estonian Professor of History, followed by a short speech made by me explaining the spirit of the exhibition.

This year, however, marks a turning point for “Here they fought!”, the photographic missions are over and the second edition, which will be shown together with the first one, is now ready and will be available to the public for its first time at the millenary Sala della Commenda di Pré in Genoa starting from November of this year.

100 black and white shots that will cross the former battlefields from the Alps to the far away and forgotten Carpathian Mountains, showing almost unknown stories of different People and ethnicities who lived the most inhuman horror: war.

From October onwards, the entire work will be published with the prestigious Italian publisher Ulrico Hoepli.

While waiting to update my exhibition page with all these good news I want thank you all for encouraging me to go ahead.

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