Here they fought!

Si combatteva qui! (Here they fought!)

A book that collects the entire reportage I made on the Great War battlefields of the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains edited with the prestigious publisher Ulrico Hoepli S.p.A. and available on the Italian market since October 2017.

The book provides a time line of the Great War together with an introduction rich of anecdotes and historical curiosities. It follows the entire photographic portfolio. The last chapter gives to the readers the useful information to track back the former battlefields. The book is in Italian and the publisher is available to agree translations into other languages.

Publisher: Hoepli;
Format: Hardcover book;
Pages: 176;
Publication date: 11/2017;
ISBN 9788820380786;

Photos and text: Alessio Franconi

4 November 2018