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Opening at Aquileia and the Soldier known but to God

The Soldier known but to God from Aquileia to Rome Aquileia Aquileia is an Italian small town that hosts the ancient ruins of a former Roman Empire old port and a wonderful Roman Cathedral. The archaeological site is so important that is listed in the World Heritage under UNESCO flag. Ancient Romans where docking their […]

forte garda

Opening at Forte Garda

The opening at Forte Garda opens a season of hope after the darkest pandemic period Difficult times The culture industry has suffered the most with no help from the government. It was decided to sacrifice the art and culture compartment with no reason. October was the beginning of the new restrictions. With December it was […]

monastero valle christi
monastero valle christi

The Valle Christi Monastery

The Valle Christi Monastery In Italy you may find a hidden pearl around any corner. Liguria is a steep region between sea and mountains enriched by an amazing history. It is here, in Liguria, that I found one of those pearls. One of the most fascinating and mysterious places I have ever visited: the ruins […]

alpi teatro di battaglie

Genova, opening at Ducal Palace

The opening at Ducal Palace in Genoa The opening of the photographic exhibition “Alps, theatre of battles! 1940 – 1945” followed the closure of the one at Le Gallerie in Trento. The opening conference took place in the magnificent Sala del Minor Consiglio. The conference was a moment to deepen the experiences related with the […]

tallinn statues black lives matter
statue e memoria scomoda

Statues and inconvenient memories

The values behind a statue and the black lives matter movement Where is Lenin? Few months after the orange revolution in Ukraine, I was walking down the streets of Kyev with a tourist map in my hands. I was looking for a square with a Lenin statue that was clearly visible in that map. Once […]

alpi teatri di battaglie

Trento, opening at Le Gallerie

An opening during a symbolic day Just at the end of the darkest times of the Covid pandemic, the exhibition opened on a symbolic date: June 2nd, day of the Italian Republic.   A new chapter The new photographic exhibition “Alps, theatre of battles! 1940-1945″ is a new chapter of the reportage “Here they fought”. […]


Night spectacle.

  The moon overlooking the Milanese skyline Night is one of my favourite moments, when I can only listen the sound of silence. Before going to sleep I look out from my balcony, peace reigns. In a second the beauty of the silent city enraptures me. In front of me I see City Life district’s […]

wet market

In a wet market.

In a wet market. My travel to Asia I was in Asia a few years ago and I loved it. There are incredible colours, impressive growth and development, and a completely different culture to discover. I dedicated several posts to Asia and two photo galleries. A dark side During that wonderful experience, however, I also […]

milano covid

Milan in the time of Covid

Who knows Milan knows its frantic life Who knows Milan knows the fast life that flows in its streets. Work, events and social life springing up constantly. It runs so fast that sometime it could be even annoying. Yet, this frantic represents the beauty of an extreme vivid and colourful life. A cosmopolitan city that […]

la lettura ai tempi del Covid

Reading in the time of Covid.

Reading in the time of Covid An interrupted journey All of us in Italy have to face the Government Ordinance to stay home but for essential reasons of need. Everyone had to stop his own everyday life. Like in a post-apocalyptic movie, life started to stop slowly, slowly, news after news. We have been overtaken […]