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Here they fought! 1914-18 Alps

Here they fought! 1914 – 18 War Along the Alps

Here they fought! Is a long journey that has its origins into the story of a family decimated by the Great War. It is a a photographic exhibition that shows the sorrow of the Great War that can be still perceived on the high crests of the Alps.

It is a multi-year photographic reportage made of researches, field explorations, adventure, snow and ice.

Here they fought! Is a reportage that traces the first lines of what was the Italo-Austro-Hungarian front. A journey that starts from Karst stony ground ending up to the Stelvio glaciers, passing through Caporetto and the Piave river. Along the way, the camera lens focuses on the scars left by war: trenches, bunkers, posts, ridges torn by mines and mountain slopes riddled with bomb craters.

Signs of a tragic past where today nature reigns supreme. Places of death and atrocious stories are now preserved in the magnificence of some of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe between Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

A specific purpose

The exhibition has a precise purpose: not to forget the pain suffered by over ten million European soldiers who never returned home and the tragedy lived by their families.

An emotional perspective

The author provides an unprecedented look that crosses several European states to offer an emotional perspective. A perspective that from the dark past of Europe allows the visitors to have an interpretative key on the present.

In memory of the fallen

The exhibition is dedicated to my great-grandparents, who left home and never returned, and to all those who faced the same fate.

Alps, the beginning of a long journey

The itinerary of this exhibition rediscovering the Great War’s battlefields along the alps is just the beginning of a longer journey of remembrance. It is a life commitment by the author to bear witness to the traces left on the field by war.

Here they fought! Continues with the subsequent chapters dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains and, then, to the forgotten battles of the Second World War.

The book

The entire reportage was collected in the book Here they fought! In the places of the Great War edited in Italian with Ulrico Hoepli. It is available in all the main Italian libraries and on line stores.

Moral Patronages

  • European Commission
  • British Embassy in Rome
  • Embassy of Poland in Italy
  • Embassy of Canada in Italy
  • Commonwealth War Grave Commission
  • Czech Institute of Culture
  • National Alpine Association
  • Italian Alpine Club
  • Walk of Peace Foundation, Pot Miru
  • White War Italian Society
  • Erasmus Student Network Italy

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