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An unexpected trip.

The best trips are the unexpected ones that comes from a strange combination of coincidences that tell your mind “it is now or never”.

The country you know only by name, the one that no one ever talked to you about at the high school, whose borders are unknown to you, which suddenly become a concrete idea, a distance that will be shortened, a part of the world that you’ll truly visit and comprehend in the frame of time you have.

So you start planning everything with a bit of a rush: to look for the cheapest flights, passport validity check, trip insurance and the sure cultural jump that begins at the bookshop buying the two guides I always bring with me: the national geographic one and the lonely planet. In the first one you can find more cultural information and in the second one more practical ones.

The word travel recalls in my mind two other words: adventure and learning. Linking the word travel with word “organized” gives me the creeps. A travel is adventure with the meaning of putting yourself on the line, to find yourself solving unexpected situations, to visit not only the classical tourist routes but especially the less known, a bit more hidden and authentic places. A travel means learning because you’ll meet new people living there where you pass, necessarily different way of thinking, different languages and cultures as also different food, climate, environment and risks you’re undertaking and much more.

A trip structured in this way widens your life experience forcing you to make necessary comparisons with the life style and culture you’re used to, so that after, you’ll be able to better evaluate qualities and lacks of where you live. Probably with this kind of trip you could also spend less money than with other styles of trip.

All these thoughts are swirling around my head while putting in my bag altimeters, mountain glasses, shirts with long sleeves in order to avoid to get sun burned, boots and other equipments suitable to engage the Nicaragua and Costa Rica wild nature.

Have a nice trip!

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