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City Life, the new Milan!

Have you ever heard about City Life? It’s an area of Milan with a long history that started right after the First World War during the twenties. The pressure of the post war crisis was still in the air and that was the reason for Milan to decide to launch the first trade fair of Italy. This was a way to move on the Italian post war economy.

After one hundred years the Fair of Milan has changed a lot. The main exhibition area is now the nearby Tympanum building. For the bigger fairs, there is the new area of Rho Fiera that is close to the Expo2015 place.

What about the old fair? That old exhibition area built in the far away 1920? In a period when economies are not in their best Milan decided to revive, after one hundred years, the old exhibition area as symbol of rebirth. This is why today we have the new district called “City Life”.

Milan is the only Italian city that really faces the future being international and active. In the old expo area the old main gate building has been renovated while the rest has been completely changed.

The project has three huge skyscrapers with at their basements an innovative mall. Next to the skyscrapers there are luxury homes with a nice design. All around is surrounded by cared gardens.

Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki, are the three international renowned architects behind this huge project.

The luxury homes ‘Hadid’ and ‘Libeskind’ are already completed as well as the parks. The new purple metro line brings the visitors in the heart of the area with its stop “Tre Torri” (Three Towers). The Isozaki Tower was inaugurated some time ago while the Hadid Tower reached the 85% of progress. The last one, the Libeskind Tower is at 15% and it will be over in a few years.

If you haven’t yet visited this area I invite you to do so unless you wish to miss cared gardens, sinuous luxury designed homes and the spectacle offered by the already realised two towers.

This is the story of a city never tired that is always facing its future.

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