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egyptian museum

Egypt in the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

For years, the Egyptian Museum of Turin was on my list of places I want to visit and I finally succeed.

The Egyptian Museum is an all-Italian excellence. It is the second largest museum dedicated entirely to Egyptian culture after the Cairo Museum. It ranks as one of the best museums in the world for the importance and experience of the visitor. Recently completely renovated, it attracts visitors from all over the world.

With collections made of over 40,000 pieces all from Egypt, of which 3,300 on display, the Museum offers the visitor a realistic insight into the various ages of a very advanced population that existed thousands of years ago with a deep understanding and peculiar charm.

The Egyptian Museum was born from explorations from 1800 onwards and was founded in 1824. A period rather not long ago, but for us still as far, when the adventurous archaeological expeditions in Egypt followed one another incessantly. At the time, archaeologists who participated in archaeological missions had to leave part of their finds on site and could bring back only part of the relics to their country of origin.

There are many objects that catch my attention, sarcophagi, mummies of both humans and cats and other sacred animals, impressive monumental statues, incredibly refined statuettes and many paintings on papyrus or rocks that depict situations and people that existed thousands of years ago.

I focus on this hypnotic and disturbing statue of Ushabti, incarnating the spirit of the deceased, dating back a thousand years before Christ. I am fascinated by those statues and those incredible stories that they can tell us.

To plan your visit just surf on the Egypt Museum official website.

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