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Into the wild!

Italy offers stunning places with breathtaking views and incredible stories to tell. One of these places is the Caré Alto Mountain overlooking the Adamello glaciers.

It is a remote area reachable after a few kilometers drive from Tione di Trento, crossing the green Borzago Valley. Once left behind the village of Tione you will see a different, greener and wilder nature.

Once you have parked the car into the parking area where the road ends, you can finally venture toward the Caré Alto Mountain.

The crest of the Caré Alto houses a mountain hut on its slopes, bearing the same name. A cozy mountain hut, run by a nice and welcoming family. As soon as you start walking you see the mountain hut from the bottom, where you are, but it is only apparently ‘close’.

Reaching it requires a proper effort. The trail is steadily rising up. The landscape varies as you ascend. You will walk for a while next by a noisy creek before to cross it over a wooden bridge.

All around you will enjoy the tranquility and the mountain flowers.

The Mountain hut can be both: the point of arrival or the departure point. It depends on your own training and your mountaineering aspirations. From the hut up, the environment becomes even more remote. From there starts the path leading to the Corno di Cavento or other ones that cross to the heart of the Adamello Park between incredible glaciers and ridges.

Here you can meditate on the beauty of nature and the mountains or reflect on the tragedy of the Great War.


In the last post I talked about the abandoned cannons on the crests of the Caré Alto, if you are interested click here. If you are interested in the Great War and the photographic project I’ve developed, do not miss “Here they fought!”

For more information about the Natural Park you can visit the Adamello Natural Park’s website, on the Lombardy side, and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park’s website, on the Trentino side.

To get more detailed information about the Caré Alto area, to plan a stopover or to overnight at the Mountain hut Caré Alto I suggest to visit the official website of the hut.

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