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Into the wild, listening the silence of nature.

Into the wild.

I truly love city life and its craziness but as well I want to remember the pleasure of quietness and the pervasive nature that we are part of.

Nature is often set aside from our sight as we run into our daily life made of appointments, work, traffic jam and people.

Although nature is still around us, nature has cycles and rules we must know and respect. We can choose to not seen it but this won’t change those rules we shall be aware off. We have been living into nature for millions of years and we still heavily use its sources.

The best we can do it’s to learn how to explore it, to learn to step aside a bit from our overrunning and constant rush and get back to silence, to thinking, to admire the extremely complicate environment in which we are living.

Apart all these consideration I am going soon to begin a new reportage that will bring me again on the highest peaks of the Alps, better to get fit and be ready for it.

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