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Koper, the first of Slovenia’s gems.

Koper is the first gem of Slovenia that you arrive to once you cross the border and leave Italy behind.

Koper is a bilingual city, where both Slovenian and Italian is widely spoken in a linguistic and cultural mix that dates back to the era of the hegemony of Venice.

Koper, with its historic oval centre enclosed by ancient walls is truly fascinating. Just past the city gates, you will be immersed in a network of streets full of bars, restaurants, art galleries and craft shops until you reach the heart of the city, the ancient square now called Titov Trg. Here you will find the Cathedral with its high bell tower from which you can admire the view of the entire city.

You will find yourself walking in a cheerful city, whose symbol is a laughing sun dating back to the fourteenth century, called Fontico.

Proceeding from the centre towards the coast you will arrive to the picturesque Carpacciov Trg, overlooking the sea, where the former salt warehouses are located. Here stands the statue of Santa Giustina, which was built in memory of the battle of Lepanto, a distant battle that the citizens of Koper took part in.

Koper is also a university city, more specifically the third after Ljubljana and Maribor. Outside the ancient walls the city has an efficient port system that acts as a lively competitor to the port of Trieste.

Before continuing the tour to visit the other gems of the Slovenian coast such as Izola, Piran and Portorose, it is worth mentioning another naturalistic attraction, the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve, a stone’s throw from the city and home to over 220 species of birds.

For more information about Koper please have a look to the official website of the City Council at the page dedicate to Tourism and available in Slovenian, Italian, English and German.

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