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Ljubljana, the dragon city.

Ljubljana is undoubtedly the dragon city, vivacious and cheerful. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, has its roots in the remote times of the Dragon legend. An era in which the entire area was a large marshy area. The legend says that Jason, the mythological hero, was driving the Argo boat along the river together with the Argonauts when a terrible Dragon came out of those swamps engaging a fierce fight.

Of those ancient marshlands only the prehistoric populations’ pile-dwellings are still there and now under UNESCO protection. The dragon, however, remained impressed into the mind of the local humans becoming the capital symbol.

Dragons are everywhere around the city. You can see them into the waiving flag on top of the tallest Castle tower as well as you can meet the the big and small Dragons who, with fierce looks, watch over their dedicated bridge in the Old Town.

Ljubljana is the ideal city for a visit that can be both of a few days or more for those who want to get more in touch with local life. During summer time it has spectacular green reflections of the wide fronds of the weeping willows that lean on the waters of the Ljubljanica river that crosses the city right in its heart. During wintertime, Christmas markets illuminate the ancient streets creating suggestive views.

You may walk along the romantic river both admiring the dragons or the curious statues of the eclectic sculptor Jakov Brdar. You may spend an alternate night in the incredible former Metelkova military area. A neighborhood in open contrast with its past of repression and resurfaced with unlikely huge sculptures made by different artists.

Ljubljana is not only art, culture and entertainment but also oenogastronomy. You may try the open-air kitchen in the old market every Friday from spring to fall where you can taste delicious local food. If you want a real discovery of the local cuisine and tastes the Ljubljananjam team is ready to accompany you on a gourmet food and wine tour in the best restaurants and trattorias.

Ljubljana, European Green Capital in 2016 thanks to its environmental choices, will surprise you its middle-European beauty. Ljubljana is also a perfect starting point for a day trip to Lake Bled, Postumia caves or the botanical park.

Once arrived in the city do not forget to take the Ljubljana Card to have access to over fifteen tourist attractions, public transport, a river visit on a romantic boat and much more.

Are you ready to visit Slovenia?

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Open Kitchen is available every Friday, only with good weather conditions, from mid March to October.

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