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LOVE, the milanese middle finger.

LOVE made by Cattelan is a statue that won’t leave you indifferent. Some feel fun, some feel embarassement and some judge it as too much irriverent. LOVE in this case doesn’t mean love as the English word but it means “Libertà, Odio, Vendetta, Eternità” so, translated freedom, hate, revenge, ethernity.

LOVE of the Artist Maurizio Cattelan appears right in front of who enters in the silent Affari Square showing itself in the form of a giant middle finger made of a powerful eleven metres of pure white Carrara marble.

Behind the giant middle finger there is the Milanese Stock and Exchange building.

Which is the meaning of LOVE? Is this a giant insult, under the shape of a middle finger, to the high finance? These seems the majority of the opinions. Personally, I observe that the hand is facing people and not the high finance palace. Did Maurizio Cattelan think that the high finance is cheating people?

The middle finger hand has another peculiarity. Four of its fingers are cut and the position of the hand reminds the fascist gesture.

Maurizio Cattelan does not give us a precise interpretation. Rightly, he prefers leaving people to have their own ideas free and irreverent.

During 2010, year when it was placed, the project was a temporary one. Between great protests and sensation there was also who fought to make that statue permanent.

Years have passed by, polemics are still in the air and you? What do you think? LOVE yes or LOVE not?

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