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Photographic Exhibition: A sight over Europe.

This photographic exhibition, the first one I organize, has been the result of a long effort. The idea came through my mind by chance trying to figure out how to aggregate people interested in photography within the association, the Erasmus Student Network, where I’m in charge for the cultural activities.

Then I thought to organize four photographic tours around the city of Milan with our Erasmus in order to have the necessary material to structure a photographic exhibition highlighting the best of the Erasmus experience. How to do that?

Inviting them to send us the best pictures taken during the four photographic tours and then the best pictures from their Countries in order to create the exhibition sections of “A sight over Europe”: “our city seen from the Erasmus” and “the Countries and cities of our Erasmus”.

Thanks to my efforts and perseverance, helped by other association members, we did it! The initiative is sponsored by the University of Milan in its 90th year of activity.

You can visit the exhibition till the 5th of June and you can find it in front of the Aula Magna of the University (have a look at the University website link).

This exhibition means a great will of Europe, a great will of widening our horizons, a will of knowing new cultures and a great will of making the Erasmus project better known trough photography.

I want to thanks Erasmus Student Network and particularly our section at Statale University. This association is welcoming the Erasmus accompanying them through a path that will be forever in their memories as well as the city that hosts them.

I’m sure that this photographic exhibition is just the first of many to come.

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