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Same beach, same sea!

Finally, I made it to the sea, same beach, same sea!

This is the title of the timeless song that, from the 1960s to today, accompanies us during every summer. One of the many Italian songs that interpret the summer spirit.

Mina’s was one of the first voice to sing this song when the 45 lap discs where still used. Who knows how many millions of Italians sang this song too.

“For this year do not change

Same beach, same sea,

I want to see you again… “

Now it is time to go to the beach, whistling, same beach, same sea! The sound of the cicadas accompanies my walk during this warm Italian summer all still to enjoy.

Do you want to hear it? I recommend the version of Mina or the one of Focaccia.

Please have fun with your inseparable cell phone, the beach offers so many creative point of view.

Have a good August!

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