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An evening of many years ago, on board on an old car, for the first time I crossed the border of Slovenia. At that time the border was still a real border before Schengen. There was still the police officer that controlled all the car premises before to smile saying “dobrodošli”, welcome.

I would have never thought that, years later, considered the knowledge of Slovenia that I developed along the time, an editor would have asked me to publish a tourist guide as “insider”.

After a year of hard work, Monday morning at the international tourism exhibition of Milan, BiT 2017, the new director of the Slovenian Tourism Board, enthusiastically announced to the public this editorial initiative dedicated to Slovenia.

In the guide, I tried to convey all my passion for this young Country, green, happy, full of energy and full of nature that captured my attention since the first minutes after I passed the border driving towards those amazing valleys.

I tried to give not a list of nice places to visit but an “insider” perspective to whom desires to travel understanding the roots and the peculiarities of the place he is visiting. The guide has a personalized tone as, being author and photographer, I took care of both text and photos.

As soon as possible you will receive the dates of the guide’s presentations. The first one will be during the expo “Tempo di Libri” drom 19th untile 23rd April in Milan. The second one is scheduled the second week of may in the loft of the Editor Morellini in via Farini.

We are waiting for you!

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