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The white Horses of Lipica.

Imagine the rolling hills between the karst sinkholes covered in vivid green grass with beautiful white horses grazing on these hills. You are in Lipica, a small Slovenian village on the border with Italy a few kilometres from Gorizia and Trieste.

It is a special place with an ancient tradition that roots back to 1568, when the Habsburgs decided to set up their royal stables. There were a variety of breeds of horses to choose from, and they ended up choosing a Spanish breed. The hilly area of ​​Lipica was carefully selected given that the environment was similar to that where the horses came from. The ancient buildings of Lipica were abandoned, they originally belonged to and were held by the Bishop of Trieste in the past.

There, remains an ancient tradition that is still passed down to future generations today. Those wishing to go to the stables of Lipica can arrange a simple visit or can even attend a training session with Lipica horses in the Classic Riding School. The show named “The fairy tale of Lipica” will amuse young and old with the splendour of the white horses performing a show that involves the viewer seeing the bond between the animals and their riders and the synergy they ride with. The immersion in the tradition of horse riding can be continued in the Lipikum, where the museum’s sensory setup is designed to get the maximum involvement of the visitor.

Visitors are welcome to stay at the Maestoso Hotel where, in addition to local gastronomy, it is also possible to practice archery and golf.

To discover Lipica you can surf the official website.

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