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Travel Log: Ports, stations, airports and the end of the trip.

Harbors, stations and airports are a travelling humanity’s melting pot with its sentiments. There you can find who is happy, who is bored, who is thinking at something or someone and there is always someone that is crying. Crying a distance that is going to be hard, that, even if relieved by new technologies, it can be nothing else that painful. The end of the trip arrived. So, at 5 a.m., I’m at the San José – Alajuela International Airport. The takeoff. The hearth is spinning fast beneath my feet whilst the airplane is gaining altitude. I recognize the orography of the Tortuguero Natural Park and the regret of not seeing it. Trips always bring with themselves unexpected events so it can happen that you have to change your  planning. Anyway any trip is always bringing with him big experiences and new knowledge. Costa Rica. Wild land, land where nature is showing its alive power. Trembling land, land that erupts, primordial, land of lagoons, land of endless beaches, land with pluvial forests, land that hosts creatures of rare beauty and intense danger. Land of honest and quite people, land of travel. Costa Rica, I leave you without any regret, I lived the maximum of your natural magnificence. Goodbye.

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