Slovenia, a Central European pearl

Slovenia is a Country that looks like a pearl immersed in the green of its immense forests, crossed by rivers whose emerald waters have carved karst canyons during millennia. Slovenia is a young Country, independent since 1991 and with a long history behind, dating back to the times of the ancient Romans.


The photographic project and the book

The photos in this gallery are a part of the photographic project developed to create the book “Slovenia” I published with Morellini Editore, available in the best Italian bookstores and as well as online.

What I like of this book is that I personally cared both text and photos, accompanying the reader to discover this magnificent Country not only thanks to words but also to photos.


The photographic exhibition

This reportage has been exhibited in Milan twice. Once at the Hoepli Bookstore’s exhibition space and once at the exhibition space of Labò, a literary association headed by Morellini Editore. The photographic exhibition was in partnership with the Slovenian Tourism Bureau in Italy and with the technical sponsorship of Permajet and Lab Italia.

For more information about the book, I invite you to visit the dedicated page, following this link. For more information about the photo exhibition, I refer you to this link. For online purchase of the book you can find it on Amazon.

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