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City Life, the new Milan!

Have you ever heard about City Life? It’s an area of Milan with a long history that started right after the First World War during the twenties. The pressure of the post war crisis was still in the air and that was the reason for Milan to decide to launch the first trade fair of […]


The Monumental Cemetery of Milan.

There are places to have fun, other places to appreciate culture and others perfect to meditate and think. The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is for sure a perfect place to meditate as it condenses death and life together with the history of Milan since two centuries ago. Many Milanese are always running and, with the […]


The Charterhouse of Pavia.

The Pavia Charterhouse is a monument of unique splendor immersed in the countryside between Milan and Pavia. The Charterhouse becomes even more fascinating if you try to imagine it back in the centuries, until 1396 when Giangaleazzo Visconti posed the first stone of the Monument. The building is cared in every detail showing amazing frescoes, […]


The “eggs” for sale and the via ferrata Dibona more far away.

Eggs for sale, yes but which eggs? I’m not talking about the Kinder’s chocolate eggs, nor about the recent Easter’s eggs. On the high peaks of the Dolomites there is an historical cable car, the Valgranda – Forcella Staunies, that was used to transport people directly at the mountain hut Rif. Lorenzi at 3000 meters […]


Happy Easter with a greeting from the peaks over Mandello.

Easter is getting closer and for many it is the perfect chance for a break. One year ago I wished a happy Easter with a post about the Easter’s eggs tradition in Ukraine. Unfortunately this year during my recent trip to Ukraine I found no eggs. This because it was too early for Easter eggs […]



An evening of many years ago, on board on an old car, for the first time I crossed the border of Slovenia. At that time the border was still a real border before Schengen. There was still the police officer that controlled all the car premises before to smile saying “dobrodošli”, welcome. I would have […]


Meeting Don Quixote and Cervantes in Madrid.

Walking down the city centre of Madrid I arrived in Spain Square. The spot I had in mind to capture in some photos was crowded with Tourists taking tons of selfies. Therefore, before raising my mobile phone and its camera I had to wait a bit. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are there in front […]


Meditation and modern society, wellness and relaxing into the SPAs.

The recent photographic mission had been tough. It was full of satisfaction as I reached all my photographic goals but it was too tensed. Life of many of us is on the same line, always running, always kilometres, always heading toward a result or an objective. On one hand, life imposes us this life style […]


Milan, a jump into the history of the city.

Milan is an alive city that during this period is developing and growing fast thanks to its will or modernity. A city that has changed a lot during the last ten years. The photographic exhibition “Milano, storia di una rinascita” brings us back into the history of the city. It offers us a wide range […]


Is this winter?

Liguria is a region studded with ancient villages, more or less popular, by the shore or on the cliffs. Climate is various. You can find sunny and warm winter days by the sea as ice and fog covering the inland between canyons and forgotten pits. This winter is not that usual, perhaps the unusual got […]