Alessio Franconi was born in Genoa but lives in Milan. He is author for the century old Ulrico Hoepli Publishing House and for Morellini Editore. He cooperates with the magazine Military History – Storia Militare. He is a practicing lawyer while working as well as a writer and photographer.

His passion for photography comes from the hours he spent during his childhood reading the National Geographic together with his grandfather, a major photography and travel aficionado.

The common denominator of his life as a lawyer and as a photographer-writer is the journeys that are reflected in both professions. Through these professions he had the chance and the opportunity to visit a part of Asia and a part of Central America, confronting completely different cultural realities in an attempt to represent their different peculiarities.

In 2011 he exhibited photographs of Shanghai in the collective photographic exhibition titled “30 × 40 Click” organized by the Solferino Gallery, today Teseo Arte. His photographs have been exhibited in various editions of the ArtShot art event of Crema.

In 2014 he was the creator and curator of the collective photographic exhibition sponsored by the University of Milan, titled: “A sight over Europe”, created in cooperation with the Erasmus Student Network – UNIMI.

In 2015 he exhibited his most touching photographic project “Here They Fought! 1914 – 1918 On the First World War Trail” at the Museo del Risorgimento in Milan. Becoming a consolidated international success over time, the exhibition has been exhibited numerous times in prestigious venues both in Italy and in Europe.

In 2017 the first copies of the book “Here They Fought!” were published with the Ulrico Hoepli publishing house and now available throughout Italy.

Having been involved in the editing of both the textual and photographic part, he is also the author of the tourist guide book “Slovenia” published by Morellini Editore. The guide is available in bookstores since May 2017. In 2018 he edited the fourth edition of the “Tallinn” tourist guide and in 2019 a new book focusing on “Estonia” will be published.

Alessio Franconi constantly takes care of his website offering his visitors an always up-to-date section dedicated to a blog, a section dedicated to photographic exhibitions and a section to online photo galleries.

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