Alessio Franconi is an author for Ulrico Hoepli Publishing House and Morellini Editore publishing house. He collaborates with Storia Militare ‘Military History’ magazine.

He is photographer and writer.

He exhibited his solo exhibitions 22 times in different countries like Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, France and Poland in cities of relevance such as Milan, Genoa, Tallinn, Lyon and Krakow.

As a result of challenging photographic and cultural projects, he wrote the books Slovenia (2017), Tallinn (2018) and Estonia (2019) all published with Morellini Publishing House.

Being familiar with the Alps and having had his family deeply hit by the First World War, he decided to start a plurennial photo reportage. This project brought him along the entire WWI battlefields going up over 3000 metres of altitude from the Alps to the Carpathians. This reportage, that has the patronage of the European Commission, was exhibited several times in Italy and Europe. It is now a book Here they fought! 1914-1918 (2017) published with Ulrico Hoepli Publishing House.

Alessio Franconi is constantly engaged in projects to explore different European cultural roots. Some of his reportages required him a deep planning and physical preparation in order to face the high mountains harsh environment.

He organized different public speeches and a conference supported by the European Commission to discuss about important aspects linked with his reportages.

Thanks to his explorations and researches in different European states, he his testimonial and volunteer for the European Parliament campaign called “this time I’m voting”

He cooperates with different Tourism Board offices.

A partial press review is available following this link.