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Finland, finally in bookstores


I am enthusiastic to say that from today you can find my latest book, Finland, in bookstores. The book is Published with Feltrinelli and Morellini Editore publishing houses.

Finland is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in Northern Europe. Much of the Country is further north than even Iceland, parts of Alaska and Canada.


With book I accompany you on a long journey that starts from Helsinki up to the arctic landscapes of Lapland. Each chapter contains suggestions, curiosities and stories of an absolutely unique people as the Finns are.

Qr Codes will allow you to get to the heart of Finland by watching supplementary videos. The book is ‘Extended Book’. Once purchased, you can access a dedicated web page on the Feltrinelli website where you can find numerous additional contents.


I am not only accompanying you with words but also with photographs. In the book you will find the result of almost two years of explorations far and wide across the country, under all kind of climatic conditions.


By reading the book you will be able to well evaluate an aspect that is quite crucial in Finland. When should I go? The country changes a lot depending on the season, going from crazily nice summer days, when the Northern light never sets, to those where the night reigns supreme and the Aurora Borealis pierces the darkness. Do you prefer to experience the thrill of the Arctic winter or the pleasure of sailing in the archipelagos with a mild temperature?

These and other questions will be answered in the book.

I wish you a good reading first and a good journey afterwards!


You can find the book in the best bookstores or directly online on the main portals.

Here the link to the Publisher Feltrinelli
Here is the link to the dedicated page on my website.

The book is in Italian only.

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