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alpi teatro di battaglie

Genova, opening at Ducal Palace

The opening at Ducal Palace in Genoa The opening of the photographic exhibition “Alps, theatre of battles! 1940 – 1945” followed the closure of the one at Le Gallerie in Trento. The opening conference took place in the magnificent Sala del Minor Consiglio. The conference was a moment to deepen the experiences related with the […]

sunset, tramonto, liguria,

A red sunset like the postcards ones.

Liguria has exceptional sunsets and clear waters. There is no need to go to the opposite side of the world to find an exotic place. Between vineyards terraces, ancient stone houses perched on the sea, colorful houses and the scent of sea seems to be on a postcard. Yep, the postcards. Do you still send […]


Camogli and the fish festival

THE FISH FESTIVAL During one of the last post I wrote, I promised to talk about some of the many traditions you may encounter in this ancient country that is Italy. Here I am to keep my promise talking about Camogli and its fried fish festival. Camogli Camogli is a tiny village in Liguria. A […]