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In the footsteps of Leopardi.

Recanati, town of Leopardi. In Italy, among the amazing hills of the Marche region, lies a medieval village perched on a hill where you can breathe the atmosphere of poetry. Recanati is where Giacomo Leopardi, one of the most important Italian poets, was born in 1798. His poems have always inspired me. His works dictated […]


Estonia, here we go!

Estonia, a place to be! It’s finally summer time and the holidays are quickly approaching. Have you ever thought about going to Estonia? Estonia has fascinated me since the first time I went there a few years ago. Although I admit that different times I had never travelled much further than Tallinn. This year I […]


Merry X-Mas from Milan!

When the sunset fades away and the night falls, Milan lights up with a thousand Christmas decorations, the Christmas songs spread from Duomo square. The Vittorio Emanuele Arcade captures the gaze with its sparkling dome! During the days before Christmas, shops and bookshops are crowded with people, the rush to buy the gifts is frenetic. […]