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Here they fought! 1914-18 Carpathians

HERE THEY FOUGHT! 1914 – 1918 Carpathians

Carpathians is an exhibition that shows the drama of the Great War that happened in the forgotten Carpathian Mountains. After his explorations in the Alps, Alessio Franconi followed the footsteps of a forgotten front where impressive pitched battles were fought.

A forgotten story

In the first year of the war alone in 1914, over a million Russian soldiers and almost a million Austro-Hungarians lost their lives on the Russian Front. The vicissitudes of that front influenced both the Western Front and the Alpine Front.

A trace in an ancient song

The pain of war is well remembered by an old folk song: “Monti Scarpazi”, from Trentino valleys, tells the story of wife that, after the war, goes to the Carpathians Mountains trying to find the body of his husband. A song that inspired the entire photographic mission to get there “between the wind and the cracks”.

An emotional perspective

The look behind the lens of the camera is the one that accompanies the entire report “here they fought!”. The memory of the pain caused by the war.

Remembering the fallen

The exhibition is dedicated to my great-grandparents, who left home and never returned, and to all those ones who faced the same fate.

Carpathians, the continuation of a long journey

The exhibition itinerary dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains is the continuation of the explorations carried out in the places of the Great War in the Alps. A journey that crosses Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The book

The entire report was collected in the book Here they fought! In the places of the Great War edited with Ulrico Hoepli. It can be purchased in the main bookstores and on the on line stores.

Moral Patronages

  • European Commission
  • British Embassy in Rome
  • Embassy of Poland in Italy
  • Embassy of Canada in Italy
  • Commonwealth War Grave Commission
  • Czech Institute of Culture
  • National Alpine Association
  • Italian Alpine Club
  • Walk of Peace Foundation, Pot Miru
  • White War Italian Society
  • Erasmus Student Network Italy

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