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Here they fought! 1940-45 Alps


Alps, theatre of battles! is the sequel of in the footsteps of the Great War and it has the same geographical and emotional perspective.

After the Great War battlefield explorations, the journey continues and retraces the Alps to remember the Second World War forgotten battles. It is a photographic exhibition that overlooks a past that requires light on it. It is a photographic exhibition that overlooks a past that requires light on it. The reportage crosses spectacular abandoned places where known and less known facts of a conflict left deep scars both on the ground and on society.


Alps, theatre of battles is the chapter of here they fought! which addresses some of the most mysterious pages of history ended up in oblivion. From the battle of the Alps in June 1940 to the conquest of Yugoslavia in 1941, then facing the difficult years of the civil war between red and black crimes.


A story that is still alive, which only resurfaces today 80 years after the end of war. Many of the photographed places are now sites under investigation by the Slovenian authorities.

The alps

It is s journey that starts from the coasts of France and goes up to the peaks of Mont Blanc and then it continues towards Switzerland and Alto Adige. It ends between Friuli, Slovenia and Croatia. All the visited places are majestic ones between imposing mountains and lush forests  preserving a terrible past.

Many of those places are nowadays immersed in the most spectacular natural parks in Europe. Alps, theater of battles! accompanies visitors from the coasts to the most dizzying ridges and some of the highest passes on the European continent.

The book

This chapter of the reportage is collected and explored in the book published with Ulrico Hoepli Alpi, teatro di Battaglie! 1940-1945 It can be found in the best bookstores or in the main online stores.


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