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futuro house

Futuro House

Futuro House, symbol of an era

Only the sparkling creativity of the 60s could have been behind the inspiration of such an eclectic idea like the Futuro House. Those were the times of the great space conquests when the human being was preparing the first landing on the moon.


Finnish design looking up to space

Being in front of a Futuro House is like to be in front of a spaceship that has just landed. The idea of a spaceship was the precise inspiration of the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen (1933 – 2013) that is why the house looks like a UFO.


Futuro House, designed for difficult terrains

The original idea was to build a futuristic mountain lodge in a Finnish ski area. It was specifically designed to be quickly installed on difficult terrain.


From boom to decline in a short time

The launch of the Futuro House dates back to 1968 and orders began to rise so much that, even today, you can find a Futuro House in every corner of the planet: From California to New Zealand. Some are still inhabited and fully maintained. Other ones are in a state of decay. The 1973 oil crisis, which led to a plastic price tripling, was fatal for the project that immediately went out of business.


Where to have a close encounter with a Future House?

65 is the number of the still exhisting Futuro Houses around the globe. It worth the effort to visit prototype n ° 000 at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the Futuro n ° 001 at the WeeGee Museum in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland and the Futuro which is at the Munich Design Museum.

The photo of this post shows the 001 house at WeeGee in Espoo, Helsinki. You just have to book your ticket and get onboard this futuristic spaceship.

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