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Milan and the panettone legend.

Walking around Milan downtown during Xmas time it will happen to you to see many confectioners’ shops showing their best panettone but which is its origin? There are two legends, the most reliable is the one of the Pan de Toni, “bread of Toni”.

It is necessary to date back to fifteen century when Milan was a fifth of what it looks today, when fog was covering the entire city, when the canals where flowing through the centre and in the castle Xmas was celebrate with regal dinners.

Between the two duke’s chefs there was a bitter rivalry and it seems one of the worker sabotaged the sweet made by the other one. Here entered in scene Toni, a scullery-boy that used the left ingredients and made the first “panettone”.

Legend or reality today the “pan de Toni” is the most popular Xmas sweet from Milan. I hope you will find a bit of time to walk around the centre imagining what Milan was at that times.

During this period Milan is a perfect spot for photographic inspirations.

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