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Milan in the time of Covid

Who knows Milan knows its frantic life Who knows Milan knows the fast life that flows in its streets. Work, events and social life springing up constantly. It runs so fast that sometime it could be even annoying. Yet, this frantic represents the beauty of an extreme vivid and colourful life. A cosmopolitan city that […]


Merry X-Mas from Milan!

When the sunset fades away and the night falls, Milan lights up with a thousand Christmas decorations, the Christmas songs spread from Duomo square. The Vittorio Emanuele Arcade captures the gaze with its sparkling dome! During the days before Christmas, shops and bookshops are crowded with people, the rush to buy the gifts is frenetic. […]


LOVE, the milanese middle finger.

LOVE made by Cattelan is a statue that won’t leave you indifferent. Some feel fun, some feel embarassement and some judge it as too much irriverent. LOVE in this case doesn’t mean love as the English word but it means “Libertà, Odio, Vendetta, Eternità” so, translated freedom, hate, revenge, ethernity. LOVE of the Artist Maurizio […]


City Life, the new Milan!

Have you ever heard about City Life? It’s an area of Milan with a long history that started right after the First World War during the twenties. The pressure of the post war crisis was still in the air and that was the reason for Milan to decide to launch the first trade fair of […]


The Monumental Cemetery of Milan.

There are places to have fun, other places to appreciate culture and others perfect to meditate and think. The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is for sure a perfect place to meditate as it condenses death and life together with the history of Milan since two centuries ago. Many Milanese are always running and, with the […]



An evening of many years ago, on board on an old car, for the first time I crossed the border of Slovenia. At that time the border was still a real border before Schengen. There was still the police officer that controlled all the car premises before to smile saying “dobrodošli”, welcome. I would have […]


Milan, a jump into the history of the city.

Milan is an alive city that during this period is developing and growing fast thanks to its will or modernity. A city that has changed a lot during the last ten years. The photographic exhibition “Milano, storia di una rinascita” brings us back into the history of the city. It offers us a wide range […]


Milan and the panettone legend.

Walking around Milan downtown during Xmas time it will happen to you to see many confectioners’ shops showing their best panettone but which is its origin? There are two legends, the most reliable is the one of the Pan de Toni, “bread of Toni”. It is necessary to date back to fifteen century when Milan […]


The mystery of the rotten water fountains of Milan.

Milan is city full of small fountains pouring fresh water. During summer these fountains are a blessing for thirsty people but what about the rotten water fountains? The name is not an inviting one but, despite their name, these fountains were a real panacea. There were three of these fountains and all of them were […]


Autumn colors.

Autumn inspired poets, painters, photographers and travelers. Autumn is a mixture of emotions and feelings, perhaps a bit melancholic, it’s an explosion of yellow colors in any possible shade and those leaves falling down symbolizing a summer that has gone. Autumn is a great moment to enjoy roasted chestnuts, to enjoy a yellow wood by […]