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Milan in the time of Covid

Who knows Milan knows its frantic life

Who knows Milan knows the fast life that flows in its streets.

Work, events and social life springing up constantly. It runs so fast that sometime it could be even annoying. Yet, this frantic represents the beauty of an extreme vivid and colourful life. A cosmopolitan city that preserves its traditions and it looks into the future.

Nights in the City

After sunset the City wears Glamour. Aperitifs are one of the many favourite moments of Milanese people. A rite that starts at the beginning of every evening, around the symbols of Milan such as the Arch of Peace, built under Napoleon, or along the Navigli channels projected by Leonardo da Vinci.

Life flows in the many clubs, were the youth burns into its intensity, until the end of the night, like popping fireworks in a dark sky.

Full stop

Now liveliness of Milan seems a far away memory. Yet, it all started only a month ago.

The emergency stopped the hand’s clock. Time beats in a different way. The energetic and full of life Milan looks something far and out of time.

Gloomy charm

Every night, before sleeping, I go on my balcony and I observe the injured City. In front of me I have a charming sight. It’s a bewitching and gloomy charm. Streetlights bring light on the deserted streets. Absolute silence reigns around. There are no cars, there is not a single pedestrian in sight. The only sound is the one of the wind caressing trees. Fading lights on the sleeping horizon. Life disappeared, a murk blanket covered the city and obscured our lives.

Milan resists!

Life will be back as well as springtime already arrived. We only need to resist the necessary time to win this fight. Milan survived over darkest times in the past.

It will start over living and breathing again with its full energy that characterizes this incredible City.

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