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Night spectacle.

  The moon overlooking the Milanese skyline Night is one of my favourite moments, when I can only listen the sound of silence. Before going to sleep I look out from my balcony, peace reigns. In a second the beauty of the silent city enraptures me. In front of me I see City Life district’s […]

milano covid

Milan in the time of Covid

Who knows Milan knows its frantic life Who knows Milan knows the fast life that flows in its streets. Work, events and social life springing up constantly. It runs so fast that sometime it could be even annoying. Yet, this frantic represents the beauty of an extreme vivid and colourful life. A cosmopolitan city that […]

bosco notturno

The fascination of a forest by night.

Forest at night and obscurity In front of a forest during night time you can easily imagine and understand what was life before the invention of electricity and electric light. Every day at nightfall, the ones who lived in countryside had to face obscurity. I drove into snowy forests, I walked on the mountains and […]