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The fascination of a forest by night.

Forest at night and obscurity

In front of a forest during night time you can easily imagine and understand what was life before the invention of electricity and electric light. Every day at nightfall, the ones who lived in countryside had to face obscurity.

I drove into snowy forests, I walked on the mountains and I enjoyed countryside’s peace during night. As soon as light fades away, darkness moves forward and we get into a different world where our most used sense, sight, is no more with us.

It gives space to creaking, to the crickets’ singing, to the stealthily paces of the forest’s animals and the sinister scream of some night owl. Darkness envelops reality and the remaining dim light creates strange shadows, scary at times, where reality leaves space to the unexplored imagination. Trunks assume grotesque shapes, wind moves fronds making it looking like obscure night creatures.


The ancients and their legends

Looking at the forest by nigh I can imagine the beginning of all that stories and legends of gnomes, elves, strange ogres, wizards and witches. I can see the human being placed in front of the unknown, the invisible with its scary charm and mystery.


A far away world

This is an increasing far away world as light envelops our lives even during night time and it keeps us from seeing that starry sky that inspired the best poets of all times.

“And then we got out to see the stars” said Dante while walking out the hell of his Comedy.

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