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Reading in the time of Covid.

Reading in the time of Covid

An interrupted journey

All of us in Italy have to face the Government Ordinance to stay home but for essential reasons of need. Everyone had to stop his own everyday life.

Like in a post-apocalyptic movie, life started to stop slowly, slowly, news after news. We have been overtaken by incredulity, surprise and fear.

For the first time after the end of WW2, in Italy, it has been declared the state of emergency with the mandatory curfew.

Initially we were shocked, we thought we could not stop our lives. Just few days after we had the dreadful reality in front of us: the fight against a terrible invisible enemy. No other choice was better than staying home.


Frozen time

The beginning of this year was promising, it was full of challenges and events. Now it is all surreal, frozen, stopped and crystallized.


Books may help us

During these days, we feel fear for our beloved ones. To lower this fear I suggest getting into reading, a good way to distract us.

We shall let words leading us toward stories and faraway places. We shall take back the frozen time spending it leafing through book’s pages.

We could buy a new book on line or taking one of the many books we have at home, the ones we have never had the time to read.


Memories of good experiences

I will leaf through the books I wrote. I will let my memory bringing me back to places I love. I will listen the sound of the wind on the trees along the river’s shore of Ljubljana.  I will remember the soft scent of the Slovenian forests. I will re-experience the feelings of walking down the streets of Maribor. I will listen again vitality and voices of the artists I interviewed. I will cross, as if it were the first time, the mediaeval gates of Tallinn. I will re-experience my discovery of Estonia in every remote and secret corner of this amazing Country.



Once we got used to uncertainty, fear and boredom, while we have the tension for peril, nothing is more serious and helpful than staying safe at home. This is the only way to fight this invisible enemy. I hope life to bloom again as soon as possible. I hope to revive that need to explore and discovery. I hope to leave all this nightmare behind. In the meantime, I work on my books and I keep reading.

Let us being engaged reading and let us being taken away from the emergency, thanks to our imagination, far away where we will go once it will be all over.


Where will you go?

Will get into a travel book? In a novel? Will you wonder around incredible landscapes and stories of a fantasy book?

Wherever you wish to go, take your time to take a break and to be lead by the Author’s words.

Have a good reading and keep strong!

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