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In a wet market.

In a wet market.

My travel to Asia

I was in Asia a few years ago and I loved it. There are incredible colours, impressive growth and development, and a completely different culture to discover. I dedicated several posts to Asia and two photo galleries.

A dark side

During that wonderful experience, however, I also saw a few dark sides. Live animal markets are something gruesome. I have seen cages with dozens of poor creatures of all kinds crammed into the most horrendous sufferance.


It is proven by the scientific community that, failure to comply with the most basic slaughtering rules, leads to the risk that a lethal virus passes from one specie to another one, reaching humans. The beauty and development of Asia should ensure that hygiene and safety standards will be raised to the highest standards achieved somewhere else.

The world on its knees

It is incredible to think that the whole world is down and that we are suffering tens of thousands of deaths probably because there are markets like the one in this photo.

The wet markets

What you see in the picture is a wet market: where butchers kill animals at request without any hygienic rule. The terror of the animals is clear as it is clear the dirt all around. The white walls are sprinkled with the black of the shrunken blood.
An unworthy scene for nations that have long since entered the world stage and a serious responsibility.

I hope this will stop, before the whole world to pay again such a rate of death and destruction.

I truly hope Asia will follow the UN recommendations to stop as soon as possible this horror.

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