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Milan, a jump into the history of the city.

Milan is an alive city that during this period is developing and growing fast thanks to its will or modernity. A city that has changed a lot during the last ten years. The photographic exhibition “Milano, storia di una rinascita” brings us back into the history of the city. It offers us a wide range of black and white photos of two different periods. The first one, exposed in dark rooms, is about Milan during the Second World War. The second one, exposed in very bright rooms, is about the reconstruction. A very touching exhibition that shows us stories of people, areas of Milan and incredible situations that must not be forgotten. Visitors can recognize the everyday life buildings destroyed and damaged by the bombs and then the following reconstruction. You have time until the 12th February.

Here the link to official page of the exhibition.

Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine

Via Sant’Andrea, 6 – 20123 Milano

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