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Autumn colours in Ljubljana downtown.

Ljubljana is a gorgeous city. Few days ago I had the chance to pass from there and to enjoy this autumn foreshortening. I enjoyed the intense yellow of the leaves and of the weeping willows facing the placid waters of the Ljubljanica river. This frame was accompanied by the sound of rain. A panorama made […]


Slovenia and the Great War

A hundred years ago the Great War fell on the continent as a devastating fury, bringing millions of people away. When we talk about Great War we imagine far away places but in fact could not be more wrong. These places can be visited today and provide an incredible and silent testimony to what the […]


Ljubljana, the dragon city.

Ljubljana is undoubtedly the dragon city, vivacious and cheerful. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, has its roots in the remote times of the Dragon legend. An era in which the entire area was a large marshy area. The legend says that Jason, the mythological hero, was driving the Argo boat along the river together with the Argonauts […]


A hundred years ago on the Isonzo River.

The letter is yellowed and brings us back to June 1917 on the Isonzo River front. A front line made of endless Karst rocky hillsides where Italians and Austro-Hungarians destroyed their youth. It begins with a “dear family” and then it shows concern about the vicissitudes of home and its vineyards. The letter ends with […]


Pippo, the Grey Heron of Camogli.

His name is Pippo, a Grey Heron that, since some years, has decided to live in the small harbor of Camogli. An unusual decision. Normally this kind of bird lives along the rivers. Pippo, however, seems very happy to live on the sea and does not seem to have any intention to leave. The locals […]

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Abandoned cannon at Caré Alto.

This abandoned cannon is still a silent sentinel pointing the Corno di Cavento Mountain. It brings with it the atrocious stories of the Great War. This time lapse was filmed during the photographic mission at Caré Alto. If you are interested, I would like to point out the two specific posts dedicated to the photographic […]


Stella Maris

Stella Maris, this is the name of an ancient sea-related celebration. Camogli is a village of millenarian maritime traditions. You can perceive it from every corner of this village perched on the sea. Perched like its Dragonara Castle, antique vigilant against Pirates raids. On the first Sunday of every August, the Dragün, with its 12 […]


Same beach, same sea!

Finally, I made it to the sea, same beach, same sea! This is the title of the timeless song that, from the 1960s to today, accompanies us during every summer. One of the many Italian songs that interpret the summer spirit. Mina’s was one of the first voice to sing this song when the 45 […]


A dream called Europe.

Today I want to talk about a dream called Europe. Behind every photographic mission that I embark on hides a long historical research work. I do not want to photograph rocks but I shall tell the stories of men that remained on those rocks forever. It is the stories of those men that changed me, […]


The thousand colors of Central America.

Right in the middle of Central America there is Costa Rica. A distant Country I knew some time ago when a series of coincidences brought me there to explore it. This morning I woke up with the desire to listen some Latin American music. This just to give a little color to the day while […]