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Stella Maris

Stella Maris, this is the name of an ancient sea-related celebration. Camogli is a village of millenarian maritime traditions. You can perceive it from every corner of this village perched on the sea. Perched like its Dragonara Castle, antique vigilant against Pirates raids.

On the first Sunday of every August, the Dragün, with its 12 rowers, goes off to Punta Chiappa, in the Park of Portofino.

On board, there is the priest who will tell the mass to the Holy Mary of the Seas. Behind the Dragün follows the procession of fishing boats, people from Camogli and even the representative boats from Genoa with the Carabinieri motorboats and tugboats.

A walking procession reaches Punta Chiappa from the little church of San Nicolò on Monte di Portofino.

In the evening, after the red summer sunset, when the lights come off, it is tradition to lay hundreds of colorful lights from the beach. The entire bay becomes illuminate with so many small candlelights creating a spectacular glimpse.

Being Ligurian I already talked about of this area more times. If you want to discover the history of the Dragün I recommend reading this post. Camogli hosts another important event, the fish festival I mentioned in this post. Have you ever heard of the Christ of the Abyss immersed in the crystal waters of the Portofino Park? You can find out his story through this post.

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