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Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Christmas in Liguria Italy has countless picturesque villages. Amongst them there is Camogli on the Ligurian cost. It is a small village between the sea and the mountains. It has centuries old traditions of sailing, exploration and fishing. It is always beautiful and fascinating, but during Christmas time it is even more quiet and relaxing. […]


Koper, the first of Slovenia’s gems.

Koper is the first gem of Slovenia that you arrive to once you cross the border and leave Italy behind. Koper is a bilingual city, where both Slovenian and Italian is widely spoken in a linguistic and cultural mix that dates back to the era of the hegemony of Venice. Koper, with its historic oval […]


Stella Maris

Stella Maris, this is the name of an ancient sea-related celebration. Camogli is a village of millenarian maritime traditions. You can perceive it from every corner of this village perched on the sea. Perched like its Dragonara Castle, antique vigilant against Pirates raids. On the first Sunday of every August, the Dragün, with its 12 […]


Same beach, same sea!

Finally, I made it to the sea, same beach, same sea! This is the title of the timeless song that, from the 1960s to today, accompanies us during every summer. One of the many Italian songs that interpret the summer spirit. Mina’s was one of the first voice to sing this song when the 45 […]


Moon reflections.

How many poets, painters, photographers and lovers inspired the moon? Through the centuries and millenniums she had been a silent companion to men clearing up their long nights. In a midsummer night I was on a small harbour dock with the moon just in front of me. I did not resist her glamour, once more, […]