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Opening at Dragone Castle

OPENING AT DRAGONE CASTLE The thirty-ninth exhibition of Here they fought! was inaugurated on Saturday 29 April at Dragone Castle in Camogli. This time on display, for the first time, the photographic shots of the last chapter realised: Italy 1943 – 1945. ITALY 1943-45 This chapter crosses Italy from South to North showing bloody battlefields […]


Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Christmas in Liguria Italy has countless picturesque villages. Amongst them there is Camogli on the Ligurian cost. It is a small village between the sea and the mountains. It has centuries old traditions of sailing, exploration and fishing. It is always beautiful and fascinating, but during Christmas time it is even more quiet and relaxing. […]


Pippo, the Grey Heron of Camogli.

His name is Pippo, a Grey Heron that, since some years, has decided to live in the small harbor of Camogli. An unusual decision. Normally this kind of bird lives along the rivers. Pippo, however, seems very happy to live on the sea and does not seem to have any intention to leave. The locals […]


Stella Maris

Stella Maris, this is the name of an ancient sea-related celebration. Camogli is a village of millenarian maritime traditions. You can perceive it from every corner of this village perched on the sea. Perched like its Dragonara Castle, antique vigilant against Pirates raids. On the first Sunday of every August, the Dragün, with its 12 […]


Is this winter?

Liguria is a region studded with ancient villages, more or less popular, by the shore or on the cliffs. Climate is various. You can find sunny and warm winter days by the sea as ice and fog covering the inland between canyons and forgotten pits. This winter is not that usual, perhaps the unusual got […]


The Christ of the Abyss.

Amongst the many Italian pearls there is San Fruttuoso di Camogli, a tiny village embedded in a small creek that you can reach only by walking on difficult paths or by the sea. It is a place of ancient suggestions with its abbey older more than a thousand years and its incredible stories and legends. […]


Sailing the sea on board of the U Dragun!

There is a region were the mountains meet the sea. This is Liguria, a region upholder of millenary traditions, amazing landscapes and stories of ancient times. People from here have many centuries of seafaring experience. An experience that brought them to daring ventures that changed the marine history. Camogli is one of the pearls enclosed […]


Camogli and the fish festival

THE FISH FESTIVAL During one of the last post I wrote, I promised to talk about some of the many traditions you may encounter in this ancient country that is Italy. Here I am to keep my promise talking about Camogli and its fried fish festival. Camogli Camogli is a tiny village in Liguria. A […]