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castel dragone

Opening at Dragone Castle


The thirty-ninth exhibition of Here they fought! was inaugurated on Saturday 29 April at Dragone Castle in Camogli. This time on display, for the first time, the photographic shots of the last chapter realised: Italy 1943 – 1945.

ITALY 1943-45

This chapter crosses Italy from South to North showing bloody battlefields and places of unimaginable massacres of civilians. On 10 July 1940 the Allied troops landed in Sicily. That day, eighty years ago, the first foot was set on the European continent to put an end to the tragedy of war.


Dragone Castle is a truly spectacular venue, overlooking the sea, in the magnificent setting of the ancient village of Camogli in Liguria.

Its history dates back to ancient times, when the fearless Saracen pirates used to appear off the coasts of Liguria. It stands on the rocks right above the sea. It was once on a small island that was later linked with the coast due to the village expansion.


Having the exhibition at Dragone Castle is not only beautiful due to its position but it is also historically relevant. At the base of the Castle, next to the Church, you can still see the remains of the poles that held up the barbed wire with anti-landing purpose.

The Promontory of Camogli has an entire WW2 coastal battery perched on Monte Portofino’s cliff while the waters in front of the village are home to silent wrecks of that conflict.


Italy 1943-45 exhibition is on display on the two floors of Dragone Castle. The visitor can thus enter and travel through the landing sites. In the lower room, on the other hand, we enter the darker sides of the war in Italy. The battle of Montecassino and the great massacres such as the ones of Fosse Ardeatine, Marzabotto or places of heroism such as Torre Palidoro, where Salvo D’Acquisto sacrificed himself.

The exhibition will stay on display until Sunday 14 May and it will close during the same week end of the traditional Fish Festival.

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