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Pippo, the Grey Heron of Camogli.

His name is Pippo, a Grey Heron that, since some years, has decided to live in the small harbor of Camogli. An unusual decision. Normally this kind of bird lives along the rivers. Pippo, however, seems very happy to live on the sea and does not seem to have any intention to leave.

The locals know him very well, he travels here and there between the boats and makes company to the fishermen who always feed him with some fish. The seagulls do not like him as much as the humans do. Pippo is big enough and he defend himself pretty well from native birds. Indeed, when some seagull annoys him, he probably react with a peck.

Pippo cannot take himself selfies but I assure you that he looks pretty proud when someone took photos at him. If he flies away is probably because someone gets too pushy.

Camogli is a village that has many reasons for a visit, a meeting with Pippo can be a reason more.

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