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tallinn statues black lives matter
statue e memoria scomoda

Statues and inconvenient memories

The values behind a statue and the black lives matter movement Where is Lenin? Few months after the orange revolution in Ukraine, I was walking down the streets of Kyev with a tourist map in my hands. I was looking for a square with a Lenin statue that was clearly visible in that map. Once […]


The fortresses of Krakow.

Krakow is a beautiful, lively, bright city full of tourists. The historic centre is a fascinating and ancient place with thousands of years of history. The Jewish district is full of cosy cafés where you can relax and enjoy what the city has to offer. From Europe, everyone can easily reach Krakow by plane or, […]


The Carpathians Mountains and the Great War.

The Carpathian Mountains is a beautiful mountain range crossing Central and Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic to Romania via Poland and Ukraine. Similar to the Alps, it shares a past of heroism and the horrors of a humanity at war. The Carpathian Mountains sound distant to us both historically and geographically, and yet we […]

egyptian museum

Egypt in the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

For years, the Egyptian Museum of Turin was on my list of places I want to visit and I finally succeed. The Egyptian Museum is an all-Italian excellence. It is the second largest museum dedicated entirely to Egyptian culture after the Cairo Museum. It ranks as one of the best museums in the world for […]


Koper, the first of Slovenia’s gems.

Koper is the first gem of Slovenia that you arrive to once you cross the border and leave Italy behind. Koper is a bilingual city, where both Slovenian and Italian is widely spoken in a linguistic and cultural mix that dates back to the era of the hegemony of Venice. Koper, with its historic oval […]


Predjamski Grad and the Robin Hood of Slovenia.

To dive into the real story of Predjamski Grad, it is necessary to go back to the fifteenth century, when knight Erasmus found refuge in a vertical wall of rock at Predjama. Today, this place still sets the scene for a chivalrous and spectacular history. To reach this place one has to cross hills covered […]


Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica, a city where you can enjoy a historic era that no longer exists, a city which you can explore through its exquisite cuisine, wines and casinos. Strolling through the streets of Nova Gorica means to relive history. There is no brick in that area of Karst, where the city is located, which was […]


February and March, two months presenting the book.

SEO: Treviso, Trieste, Udine, Milan and La Spezia, starting a new series of presentations on the book: “Here they fought!” – Remembering WW1 in order to not repeat. It’s close to start a tour of presentations of “Here they fought! 1914 – 1918” the book published by Hoepli. This tour starts after a series of […]


Slovenia and the Great War

A hundred years ago the Great War fell on the continent as a devastating fury, bringing millions of people away. When we talk about Great War we imagine far away places but in fact could not be more wrong. These places can be visited today and provide an incredible and silent testimony to what the […]

Video Gallery

Abandoned cannon at Caré Alto.

This abandoned cannon is still a silent sentinel pointing the Corno di Cavento Mountain. It brings with it the atrocious stories of the Great War. This time lapse was filmed during the photographic mission at Caré Alto. If you are interested, I would like to point out the two specific posts dedicated to the photographic […]