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Carpathians Mission

Carpathians Mission Today is the Remembrance Day and I am in Krakow. Exactly three years ago I left Milan with my off road vehicle fully equipped for the extreme winter weather. That was the beginning of the Carpathians Mission. Amongst all the photographic missions, that one was the longest, in terms of both time and […]


February and March, two months presenting the book.

SEO: Treviso, Trieste, Udine, Milan and La Spezia, starting a new series of presentations on the book: “Here they fought!” – Remembering WW1 in order to not repeat. It’s close to start a tour of presentations of “Here they fought! 1914 – 1918” the book published by Hoepli. This tour starts after a series of […]


A hundred years ago on the Isonzo River.

The letter is yellowed and brings us back to June 1917 on the Isonzo River front. A front line made of endless Karst rocky hillsides where Italians and Austro-Hungarians destroyed their youth. It begins with a “dear family” and then it shows concern about the vicissitudes of home and its vineyards. The letter ends with […]

Video Gallery

Abandoned cannon at Caré Alto.

This abandoned cannon is still a silent sentinel pointing the Corno di Cavento Mountain. It brings with it the atrocious stories of the Great War. This time lapse was filmed during the photographic mission at Caré Alto. If you are interested, I would like to point out the two specific posts dedicated to the photographic […]


A photographic mission into the wild of the Alps

Today I tell you about a particular photographic mission, planned a while ago but operative only since the dawn of the past Tuesday after having checked for a long time many environmental parameters. Outside the all-terrain vehicle’s windows I saw the first lights of that day, the Como lake, the first white peaks of the […]


One hundred years ago at Nova Vas.

Today is not a day like another. Time inexorably goes by, memory grow dim and memories fades away but not today! Today the clock points one hundred years ago. Time passed from that damned 17th September 1916. That date carved into my grandmother’s memory, 103 years old. The age brought away the clearness of her […]


The volunteers value.

Summer brought me again to the Alps, this time at Pal Piccolo. A mountain cut, up to the top, by the border between Italy and Austria. Once reached the peak we had in front of us the usual horrific and crystallized panorama. Crossing that incredible tangle of trenches, we arrived to what was the first […]