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February and March, two months presenting the book.

SEO: Treviso, Trieste, Udine, Milan and La Spezia, starting a new series of presentations on the book: “Here they fought!” – Remembering WW1 in order to not repeat. It’s close to start a tour of presentations of “Here they fought! 1914 – 1918” the book published by Hoepli. This tour starts after a series of […]


Caré Alto: Mission accomplished.

I’m at almost 3000 meters of altitude on the crests of Caré Alto, all around me it is silence. Stefano, a mountaineer friend of mine, meditates while I shoot the photos at those abandoned cannons. In front of us we see the majesty of the mountains and of the glaciers of the Adamello. Behind us […]


LOVE, the milanese middle finger.

LOVE made by Cattelan is a statue that won’t leave you indifferent. Some feel fun, some feel embarassement and some judge it as too much irriverent. LOVE in this case doesn’t mean love as the English word but it means “Libertà, Odio, Vendetta, Eternità” so, translated freedom, hate, revenge, ethernity. LOVE of the Artist Maurizio […]


The Monumental Cemetery of Milan.

There are places to have fun, other places to appreciate culture and others perfect to meditate and think. The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is for sure a perfect place to meditate as it condenses death and life together with the history of Milan since two centuries ago. Many Milanese are always running and, with the […]