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Alpini Sempre Literary Prize

Alpini Sempre the Italian National Literary Prize

It was with great honour that I received the literary prize Alpini Sempre. It’s a prize that gave me motivation after the great effort I spent in keeping alive the historical and field searches of my reportage “Here they fought!” reaching many remote areas along the Alps and the Carpathians.


The reason of the prize

The reason why I received the prize gets the precise spirit of my works and reportage:

This amazing photographic book – in black and white – takes us in a kind of travel – pilgrimage “in the places of the Great War”.  A pilgrimage from the Alps to the Carpathians, on the traces of what Pope Benedict XV defined “a useless massacre”.

It’s a travel into a story that brings us in front of the contrast between the beauty of the landscapes with the scars created by the human being and with the remembrance of all the blood that was shed. A travel takes us into the insanity of a conflict that was fought in extreme conditions in places apparently inaccessible. It gives us the dimension of a tragedy that happened like in a Greek theatre, ending in a healthy catharsis that prevents such tragedy to happen again desiring peace.


Thanks to the organisation

I wish to thank the jury and all the organisation for this important recognition.

Here available the news in Italian on the webpage of the Association organiser of the Price.

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