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museo del risorgimento si combatteva qui


BACK TO PALAZZO MORIGGIA | RISORGIMENTO MUSEUM FROM MARCH 3RD UNTIL APRIL 14TH WITH AN EXTENSION FROM APRIL 24TH TO JUNE 9TH “Here they fought!”, reportage which has now surpassed the threshold of forty photographic exhibitions, opens its 41st stop, where it all began in 2015: Palazzo Moriggia – Risorgimento Museum. A return to the […]

apertura forte garda
opening forte garda alessio franconi

Forte Garda, the opening

Forte Garda, the opening Here they fought! Is back on the Garda Lake at Forte Garda. Forte Garda: After the first exhibition that took place during 2021 about the Alpine front, ‘Here they fought’ comes again to Riva del Garda with an entire focus dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains. ‘Here they fought’ is available up […]

alpini sempre

Alpini Sempre Literary Prize

Alpini Sempre the Italian National Literary Prize It was with great honour that I received the literary prize Alpini Sempre. It’s a prize that gave me motivation after the great effort I spent in keeping alive the historical and field searches of my reportage “Here they fought!” reaching many remote areas along the Alps and […]


Opening at Aquileia and the Soldier known but to God

The Soldier known but to God from Aquileia to Rome Aquileia Aquileia is an Italian small town that hosts the ancient ruins of a former Roman Empire old port and a wonderful Roman Cathedral. The archaeological site is so important that is listed in the World Heritage under UNESCO flag. Ancient Romans where docking their […]

forte garda

Opening at Forte Garda

The opening at Forte Garda opens a season of hope after the darkest pandemic period Difficult times The culture industry has suffered the most with no help from the government. It was decided to sacrifice the art and culture compartment with no reason. October was the beginning of the new restrictions. With December it was […]


Carpathians Mission

Carpathians Mission Today is the Remembrance Day and I am in Krakow. Exactly three years ago I left Milan with my off road vehicle fully equipped for the extreme winter weather. That was the beginning of the Carpathians Mission. Amongst all the photographic missions, that one was the longest, in terms of both time and […]


From the Great War battlefields to a united Europe.

From the Great War battlefields to a united Europe This is the title of the conference I organized in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and which was held on Thursday 25 October 2018 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. It was a conference to tell the experience of my photographic […]


The fortresses of Krakow.

Krakow is a beautiful, lively, bright city full of tourists. The historic centre is a fascinating and ancient place with thousands of years of history. The Jewish district is full of cosy cafés where you can relax and enjoy what the city has to offer. From Europe, everyone can easily reach Krakow by plane or, […]


The Carpathians Mountains and the Great War.

The Carpathian Mountains is a beautiful mountain range crossing Central and Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic to Romania via Poland and Ukraine. Similar to the Alps, it shares a past of heroism and the horrors of a humanity at war. The Carpathian Mountains sound distant to us both historically and geographically, and yet we […]


February and March, two months presenting the book.

SEO: Treviso, Trieste, Udine, Milan and La Spezia, starting a new series of presentations on the book: “Here they fought!” – Remembering WW1 in order to not repeat. It’s close to start a tour of presentations of “Here they fought! 1914 – 1918” the book published by Hoepli. This tour starts after a series of […]