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apertura forte garda

Forte Garda, the opening

Forte Garda, the opening

Here they fought! Is back on the Garda Lake at Forte Garda.

Forte Garda: After the first exhibition that took place during 2021 about the Alpine front, ‘Here they fought’ comes again to Riva del Garda with an entire focus dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains. ‘Here they fought’ is available up to the 16th of October.


The opening

The exhibition opened on the 23rd April. Local authorities participated at the opening together with a mountain chorus. The chorus sang different war mountain song and amongst the songs they played “Monti Scarpazi”, an old sad war song telling the story of a wife looking for her husband on the battlefields once the war was over.


Monti Scarpazi

That song inspired me when I first thought about organising a photographic mission toward the Carpathian Mountains. My mission was to revive the stories of the old WW1 Russian front.


The Russian front during the Great War

The photos on exhibition at Forte Garda are about the Great War battlefields on the former Russian front along the Carpathians. An area that is once again on the newspaper due to the war in Ukraine.


Forte Garda

It is a perfect location for the exhibition. It is a former WW1 Austro-Hungarian fortress and it offers at the visitor the possibility of a full immersion into the topic.

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