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The moon and the call of the forest.

A moment is enough for me.

Milan is a frenetic, vibrant European metropolis, teeming with life. Rich in cultural events, cafes in baroque palaces with a posh atmosphere and new futuristic neighbourhoods that glow with beams of led lights at night. I move through the crowd of nightlife watching who, like me, is going to drink with friends and who will let go in the frenzy of the night that I know so well.

From the crowd buzzing along the canals, designed a long time ago by Leonardo Da Vinci, I see in the sky, high between the clouds, a big, clear full moon, which appears motionless, suspended in the sky and in time. It took a moment to look at it and be pervaded by a bitter feeling.

I am just a week away from talking about artificial intelligence, cyber security and similar topics of a present future, technologically fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

I see that moon and it takes a bitter nostalgia. I feel the silence of nature in the roar of the crowd that stands beside me. I see those forests with streams. The mountains. I hear the sound of the kayak flowing on the sea and the waves on the cliff. I feel the rain of the summer storm, the wind on the glacier and the warmth of the spring sun in the wheat fields.

The bitter feeling pervades me with the desire of nature which I dedicate too little time for. In the meantime I arrive at the bar’s place where my friends have been there for a while waiting for me. I am late. I go straight to the counter, “a Negroni sbagliato please”.

* Negroni Sbagliato is a traditional Italian bitter cocktail.

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